About Us.

KCT was founded by the City of Cape Town in 2003 to develop commercial, residential and community facilities in Khayelitsha. These developments help generate economic opportunities and uplift the lives of residents.

The Trust, previously a municipal entity, now trades as a non- profit organisation with public benefit organisation tax status. A Land Availability Agreement (LAA) entered into between the City and KCT, allows KCT to assist with the KBD development and hold equity in associated developments, the returns of which are used in other developments.


KCT’s vision is to empower the Khayelitsha community through the promotion of social and economic development


KCT’s mission is to advance the KBD by developing commercial, residential and communal facilities

Key Value Proposition

  • KCT’s strategic partnerships with key stakeholders
  • The community directly benefits from the improvements to the land, as well as associated transactions that are aimed at benefiting the community through social and economic empowerment
  • The KBD to uphold a strong multi-sectoral impact
  • Additionally, to the trustees that were originally appointed by the City, the community is also represented on the board of trustees by elected members of the KDF. Members of the KCT and a City of Cape Town multidisciplinary committee represent the local authority at operational and executive levels. The committee helps to streamline planning and communication alleviating bureaucracy
  • Preferential arrangement: Immediate access to land at preferential rates
  • In addition to KCT’s status as a community trust, it has also put in place sound corporate governance; therefore, transparency is key to its operations and planning


  • To raise funding for top structures of 368 housing units
  • To appoint legal and tax advisers to review KCT structures for development focused and tax efficient group structure for future developments
  • To fulfil the conditions set by the City Council in the approved Spatial Development Framework (“SDF”)
  • To appoint a professional team to finalise feasibility plans for the Khayelitsha Mixed use retail centre (“KMURC”)
  • To engage 3rd parties to improve functionality of the retail centre
  • To develop partnerships with relevant service providers and stakeholders
  • To catalyse acquisition of funds in contribution to KCT financial self-dependence & ultimate sustainability

How KCT's Value is Measured

In providing an understanding of the Trust’s values based on the five pillars of the City of Cape Town’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which are:

By alleviating Khayelitsha-specific needs and aspirations, which are:

  • Addressing spatial inefficiency
  • Improving available facilities and security, as well as the quality of the urban environment
  • Creating economic opportunities – including equity participation, ownership and new ventures
  • Ensuring socio-economic growth and development
  • Creating a sustainable and balanced asset portfolio to provide the community with a longterm source of income (generation) and investment (opportunities)
  • Enabling job creation, training, learning, internships, entrepreneurial and industrial business opportunities