Khayelitsha Business District Retail Progress KCT Mall

The KCT Mall, a major asset of Khayelitsha Community Trust, is the heart of Khayelitsha CBD. The KCT Mall is favourably positioned in close proximity of public transport, SASSA Offices, Home Affairs Offices, Magistrate Court, Khayelitsha District Hospital, Harare Police Station, Community MultiPurpose Building and Sivivava Building.

KCT Mall consisting of 19326m² lettable and comprising of 57 shops. The Mall is highly successful bosting a 100% occupancy since inception 2005. We proactively negotiate Tenants’ lease renewals to ensure we improve and sustain rental income. We currently have a waiting list of 25 businesses for suitable vacant retail space.

Mall Management Team

KCT Mall operations are managed by a Centre Management Team comprising of a Centre Manager who is supported by an Administrative Assistant (Contract Worker) and a Facilities Officer who is supported by a Handyman (Contract Worker). The Centre Management Team is supervised by KCT’s Property Portfolio Manager who is reports to the CFO.

Property Management


The PMU has successfully been operating for a year with effect from 31 July 2017.  The PMU maintains KCT Group’s vision and strategy which aims to deliver operational and continuous improved service by integrating key responsibilities with the values of the trust.

KCT business, operations and environmental issues are to ensure the functionality, safety and efficiency of the KCT Mall’s sustainable operational environment. Our MDA system training and the competency developed in property management enables the Unit to operate independently whilst aligning itself to best practice. The Unit has capacity and competence to compete with other property groups in the open market. 

Training and Development

Our Intern from False Bay College receives ongoing in-house training supervised by our Property Administrator on the MDA system with the core responsibility to manage creditors profile in compliance to her tertiary development. Our further  ommitment to training and development is illustrated to recruitment of Mr Zukhanye Mbunge as the Facilities Officer for KCT Mall.  Zukhanye is responsible for facilities management operations while forming a critical part of the Centre Management Team in managing KCT Mall. On 13 September 2018, we provided training to our Centre Management Team on MDA Facilities Management module. Our goal is to have a fully functional and integrated Properties and Facilities Management Unit that will be equally comparable with large Property Groups.

Facilities Management

We have adopted a process to produce desired outcomes of our workflow. The scope of the facility management activities, processes and workflows are monitored to keep KCT Mall, its communal facilities, supporting infrastructure, utility systems, parking lots, roads, drainage structures and grounds in optimal functional conditions. The goals of our various maintenance programs include the following:

  • Reduce capital repairs
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs
  • Extend equipment life
  • Realize life-cycle cost savings, and
  • Provide safe, functional systems and facilities that meet the design intent.

KCT Mall’s maintenance Contractors are 95% Khayelitsha based businesses. To maintain KCT Mall in an acceptable and sustainable condition, our Service Providers’ outputs are measured on performance standards predetermined and agreed upon their service contracts. The Facilities Officer monitors daily, weekly and monthly performance and engage Service Providers on queries and successful completions of tasks. The Centre Manager continuously engages Tenants on the queries, compliance and awareness drives while maintaining a 24/7 communication line with all Tenants, Service Providers and Management.

Local Economic Development

The maintenance we outsource is embodied in KCT Group’s vision and mission to strive to promote social and economic empowerment through job creation at our facility. We initiated Labour-only contracts with Khayelitsha based Contractors and Service Providers by agreements, provide them with material sourced by ourselves. We also promote, assist and encourage the development of emerging and poor resourced Contractors by providing them support that enable them to perform maintenance work. Our database of Khayelitsha based Contractors is regularly updated and maintained to allow us flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of trade disciplines, general contractors and service providers.

Costs of maintenance benefitting Local Khayelitsha Entrepreneurs for the reporting period was: