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The spatial development parameters of the KCBD are set out in the Spatial Development Framework (SDF). The SDF is a statutory document which, together with the City’s Development Management Scheme and various other policies form part of the regulatory regime for future developments. The SDF also maps out the implementation through detailed Precincts Plans which in term inform the individual Site Development Plans.

In 2017, the Khayelitsha Community Trust’s updated KBD Spatial Development Framework was

approved by the City of Cape Town. The conditions of the approval were as follows:

  1. A bulk services agreement to be developed and entered into with the City of Cape Town which will set out the sequence of future developments and how they will impact the configurations and calculations of the development contributions.
  2. A Precinct Infrastructure and Transport Plan needed to be developed which will provide a methodology and recommendations to split the costs of the road infrastructure upgrades that are required over the various land use proposals
  1. Bulk service agreement has been drafted by KManco and submitted to the City of Cape Town for The draft has gone through various consultation processes within the City’s planning department. KManco awaits approval of the agreement by the City.
  2. Precinct Infrastructure and Transport Plan has been developed by KManco and approved by the City of Cape Town
  • Roads: The City of Cape Town supports the proposed subdivision plans subject to the developer implementing various roads infrastructure upgrades as recommended in the TIA (Traffic Impact Assessment)

Development Costs and Contributions: The water, sewer and stormwater services have been classified as non-deductible. All costs for developing and constructing these services will be for the account of the Developer and will not be considered as part of the Development Contribution.

Table: Precinct Plan

Planned Retail Development

A retail development project is planned to be undertaken by KBD Retail company with KManco being the development company. The proposed project will be a phased upgrade of the KCT Mall and covering of the mall.

Housing Developments

Phase 1 of the housing development is planned to be undertaken by KBD Housing on a phased approach in partnership with development partners. KBD Housing has entered into partnerships with development partners namely, City of Cape Town for phase 1 and Bayete Capital for phase 2.

KBD Housing is to finalise the agreement with the City of Cape Town to outline its role as Support Organisation on Phase 1 housing project. Phase 1 will comprise of 368 BNG housing units on a 6ha piece of land. 11 units of the 368 units have been allocated to Military Veterans.

KBD Housing has entered into a jv and co development agreement with a private key turn developer, for a partnership agreement which will yield the development of FLISP rental units on a 4 ha piece of land.

KBD Housing has signed a development agreement with a  property developer, for a partnership agreement which will yield the development of mixed typology housing units on a 12ha piece of land.

The Khayelitsha CBD development under the mandate offers a unique and strategic opportunity due to its location, plans, existing infrastructure as well as its readiness for implementation. There is an existing market that exceeds the current capacity and the potential to increase the offering in housing, retail, health and other commercial opportunities. We believe that our precinct plan and institutional arrangement can serve as a catalyst for future community developments in the country.